Sneaker App Case Study

January 2015

Project Overview

The sneaker app case study was the first project of my user experience designer career. I created this project during my user experience certification course I was attending General Assembly. The project for the class was to redesign an existing application or create a new application from scratch. Me being a lover of sneakers, I thought this would be a great opportunity to blend my two favorite things: sneakers and design. I would go through the user experience lifecycle to create what I finally called the Sneakers App.

Workflow Overview

My workflow for the course would lay the groundwork for all my future projects going forward. I have streamlined my process but learning the basics really helped me grasp what a user experience designer life cycle consisted of.

  • Research/Strategy - I researched other sneaker applications that were available and conducted multiple user interviews to put together user requirements.
  • Ideation - Updated user requirements and began creating sitemap, task flows, and card sorts to help me update the sneaker app content.
  • Design - Designed first initial sketches by hand in my journal before taking those designs and wireframing in sketch.
  • Development - Created a prototype in invision app that I would send to my users with tasks to see if those user requirements were achieved.
  • User Research - Gathered feedback from users I sent the prototype and iterated designs.
  • Post Launch - I continued to iterate the designs until the final few days of the course when we pitched our new application to the other class members.

Content Overview

The content for the sneakers app mostly came from user requirements that I gathered from conducing user interviews, card sorts, and bulding user personas. I wanted to focus on creating sections in the application that helped users find and secure sneakers by streamlining their process of finding those sought after sneakers. Other content came from the research I did from other sneaker websites to understand what sections each of those sites offered and what was the common sections.

The Results

After all the research, IA, wireframes, prototyping, and user feedback I finally completed my first UX project and presented the sneakers app to my fellow UX class members. I had created an MVP application that delivered on all user requirements that I uncovered during this workflow process. Also, I was able to understand how usability and not just design can really make or break an application. I gained a lot of feedback after the presentation and continued to update the wireframes and usability after the class concluded as a side project to continue updating and streamlining my workflow process.