Shopping App Case Study

September 2015

Project Overview

The shopping application was the second of my case studies that I worked on as a side project to continue sharpening my user experience skills. I wanted to create an application that could help users shop by searching for items and displaying what stores had them in stock. I came up with this application while shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.. I went searching for items that I usually only get during Thanksgiving. I would struggle going up and down aisles trying to find items, so I got the idea to create and design an app that would solve this issue.

Workflow Overview

My workflow for this shopping app case study consisted of working through the user experience life cycle of an app that would help me find those items while I was shopping. This is my workflow for the Shopping app:

  • Research/Strategy - I would research other applications that offered similar experience and create a strategy of how I could incorporate my research into designs.
  • Ideation - Developed a quick sitemap and multiple task flows to ensure the usability of the application was easy and usable.
  • Design - Began designing first initial designs by sketching on paper, then would take those designs and start building out wireframes in sketch.
  • Development - Created a prototype in invision app that I would send to my friends and other users with tasks to gather feedback of the user requirements were satisfied.
  • User Research - Gathered feedback from users and iterated designs.
  • Post Launch - Iterated designs multiple times until the redesign meet user requirements.

Content Overview

Most of the content for this application came from my daily shopping ventures. I would interview other users and ask them to share their stories of trying to find unusual items during their shopping trips. Also, I would look up different store layouts to see if stores offered a store map that could be integrated in my application to help users see a visual representation of the store they wanted to visit.

The Results

After completing the designs I would ask users to follow multiple task flows to see if the usability of the application was satisfying the user requirements. The process was a great experience for me to work on my user experience skills and to one day hopefully implement this application for real life use. This was my second case study I created and it helped me really cement my workflow process and understand the mobile application lifecycle.