Tareq Nabulsi,
Product Designer

I'm a product designer based in Atlanta, Georgia, with experience in delivering end-to-end UX/UI design for software products. I'm passionate about improving the lives of others through design and am continually looking to learn new things every day.

API Integration Solution

Integration API Solution, is a new product designed and developed to simplify the API process for users to connect their third-party systems to Honeywell Forge Software.

  UX Design Lead, UX Research, UI Design

Systainability App

The FORGE Energy Optimization Sustainability (EOS) mobile app was created to help Honeywell’s executive-level (CXO) customer users understand how well their building portfolios are performing.

  UX Design Lead, UX Research, UI Design

Digital Credentials

Studied the current processes of the Occupant and Space app to understand which functions would best transfer to the new and improved Honeywell Forge App.

  UX Research, UX Design

ADAPT - Redesigning the training experience

Is a complete overhaul in design of a existing website to help upgrade the look and experience for securing more clients.

  UX Design Lead, UX Research, UI Design, Front-End Developer

Smart Building Score (Coming Soon)

Smart Building Score (SBS) referred to a feature of Honeywell’s go-to-market strategy that allowed businesses to see how their entire portfolio compared to a series of standards

  UX Design Lead, UX Research, UI Design