Food and Brew Resturant Webdesign

December 2016

Project Overview

Food and Brew was a new comfort food restaurant that opened in Dubai in 2016. The owners tapped me to create a website for their upcoming venture. I set up a responsive single page website as well as logo design, style guide, and wireframes that helped promote their backstory of creating Food and Brew, menu, and contact information.

Workflow Overview

My workflow for the Food and Brew website consisted of working through the responsive web development life cycle:

  • Research/Strategy - Held regular stakeholder meetings to understand their requirements. Also conducted user interviews with patrons who would dine at this restaurant. Understand the content that was going to drive the design to ensure best placement of sections.
  • Ideation - Developed a simple a site map that could be implemented very quickly.
  • Design - Began constructing high fidelity wireframes to share with the stakeholders to get final approval before starting develop.
  • Development - Created a responsive single page website using bootstrap 3.
  • User Research - Gathered feedback from restaurant owners and patrons once website was launched.
  • Post Launch - Maintained and updated any content.

Content Overview

The content added in this website was different from my previous coding work due to the need for Arabic text in the menu. This was a new challenge for me since I had not coded using another language text in the past. I found solutions on several other websites and this helped me complete my project. The next challenge I ran into was to create branding for the restaurant. They wanted a modern logo that could express what kind of restaurant they were planning on building. I would help drive their branding by supplying them with multiple color palettes and logo designs until we found the best fit for the stakeholders.

The Results

The result from all this hard work was an amazing modern single page-landing page. The color palette and logo design worked perfectly for the type of landing page the owners wanted. The responsiveness of the website performed extremely well with no picture or text distortion.

The owners were very pleased with their new website. This was an exciting project with multiple challenges that helped me advance my skills and give me experience with building out a responsive landing page.