Fitness App Redesign Case Study

June 2016

Project Overview

Redesigning this fitness app was a personal project I took on while trying to get back in shape using an online class. The course did not have a native mobile application and was still running a mobile web version. I decided to create this app because of the daily struggle I would go through trying to update my information on their mobile website. I wanted to develop a mobile application that could be used on any mobile device and be user-friendly while also having a great look.

Workflow Overview

My workflow for this fitness app redesign case study consisted of working through the user experience life cycle of an app that would help make this online class more effective and have more users join because of the usable and great looking app. This is my workflow for the Fitness app redesign:

  • Research/Strategy - Researched competing fitness applications to see what was working and apply those strategies into my designs. Created card sort and user personas to help identify who would be the users and what sections of the app would be valuable for them.
  • Ideation - Developed a quick sitemap and multiple task flows to ensure the usability of the application was easy.
  • Design - this is where i did research about this.
  • Development - Created a prototype using Invision app that I would send to my friends and other fitness app users with tasks to see if those user requirements were satisfied.
  • User Research - Gathered feedback from users and iterated designs.
  • Post Launch - Iterated designs multiple times until the redesign met user requirements.

Content Overview

The majority of the content came from the fitness mobile web version I was following. I would take the different parts of the content and create sections for the bottom tab bar. The application was broken up into 5 tab sections: workout scheduling, a meal plan, a profile page, a forums section, and a go workout section so the user can easily start that day’s workout. I wanted the app to be very user friendly so I added large texts and icons that could be easily defined and would not have a learning curve when new users joined. Also I wanted to add some gauges to emphasize how your workouts were progressing. Gauges are great for fitness applications because it gives you something to strive for and try to hit 100% of each section similar to apple watch.

The Results

The results came out great. I designed a mobile version for the online class I was taking at the time. It was another case study that I got to perfect my workflow process and really try new techniques. I really enjoyed going through the mobile app life cycle. This was one of many case studies I created as a side project to keep my user experience skills and graphic design skills updated.