Global Federation Policy Application

June 2018

Project Overview

The Global Federation Policy App is a web app that was created to help countries and payroll specialists improve their workflow and speed of creating and updating country policies. My challenge as the lead designer was to create an MVP product that could help the new role build and maintain policies that could be used by all users with and without coding knowledge.

Workflow Overview

I was assigned to lead a project where I would work with our UX researchers and developers to gather requirements and design a new innovative way for policies to be created and maintained. My process started with gathering information from the personas we deemed would be our users. I would work with a development scrum team to create user stories for each of our sprints to deliver wireframes that could be developed for testing. After each sprint we would have a user reveiw with our personas to gather feedback to iterate on those design to ensure we are reaching the requirements provided.

  • Research/Strategy - Understanding the user requirements and feedback through user and stakeholder surveys and interviews.
  • Ideation - Developing the architecture using journey map to understand the users needs and pain points.
  • Design - Begin constructing high fidelity wireframes using Sketch to handoff to the development team.
  • Development - Having daily stand ups and weekly design reviews to maintain strong relationship with developers during each sprint.
  • User Research - Receiving user feedback from committee and users while going through flows of the prototype.
  • Post Launch - We are still underway with a hopeful completion by begining of next year.

Content Overview

The Federation Policy App is designed to help countries build and maintain policies by letting the countries hire policy specialists with no previous coding knowledge build out policies that their country's and client could use in real time. The Federtaion Policy app was a new wrinkle in my design career, this project let me dive deep into research and discover new possibilities that had never been solved before.

My first task for this project was to understand who the users for this role were and gather all requirements. Because this role was brand new I had to ensure we were hitting all the requirements needed for searching and editing policies. I worked with our UX researchers to get this subject matter experts into a room and understand their daily work flow and see where we could improve. Next, I meet with the development team to start creating user stories for the upcoming sprints to know what tasks were needed to complete. Those tasks included; journey maps, user tasks, and create a brief that could show the progression from MVP to final app. I would work hand in hand with the product owner to ensure our goals were in parallel with the development team. Once all those tasks had been assigned we would start the wireframe.

Once a wireframe was reviewed by the UX team I would hand off to the development team to start developing. After each sprint we would have a design review with the potential users and subject matter experts to ensure we were heading in the right direction. After each review, the product owner and I would review the feedback and come up with new user stories for the next upcoming sprint to iterate on the designs. This is still ongoing and the MVP is slated to be ready by beginning of 2019.

The Results

Thus far, the journey map and task flows for the new role have been completed as well as the designs for MVP to be developed. I was brought in for a short contract to help the project get the MVP up and developed which should be ready for deployment by beginning of 2019.


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