Messaging Portal Application

March 2018

Project Overview

The Messaging Portal is an application that was created to help state and CDC users improve their workflow and speed of work. My challenge as the lead designer was to create a complete style guide, logo design, wireframe, and content that needed to be approved by each member of the committee.

Workflow Overview

I was assigned to lead this project to develop a style guide, task flows, sitemaps, wireframes, and prototyping to create an application that imposed an easy to use experience on multiple devices. By using Sketch and Invision to begin my process, I was able to get a good flow of prototypes that could help me quickly and efficiently relay back to the committee members for approval.

  • Research/Strategy - Understanding the user requirements and feedback through user and stakeholder surveys and interviews.
  • Ideation - Developing the architecture using task flows and sitemaps for the application.
  • Design - Begin constructing low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes and share to stockholders.
  • Development - Having constant contact with the developers to help them understand the designs and go through the prototypes together.
  • User Research - Receiving user feedback from committee and users while going through flows of the prototype.
  • Post Launch - We are still underway with a hopeful completion before June.

Content Overview

The CDC typically requires employees to use certain template modules and components, but I was given full autonomy to design this application, as long as end results were 508 compliant. Having this autonomy really allowed me to design the application in a more modern and relative way that could last decades. I initially completed my user testing and survey process with the state and CDC application users. I was able to start building personas and card sorts from the stakeholder and user interviews. Creating these pieces of research helped to define the requirements that needed to drive this messaging portal app.After thorough research and note taking, I began focusing on the architecture to help create proper usability for the application. The first thing that was completed was the user interviews with the state and CDC users. Once I created multiple task flows for onboarding, login, creating users, and other sections I was ready to begin designing the wireframes. I had multiple iterations until settling on a design that I thought would best improve the user’s workflow.

The Results

Thus far, results have been a completion of the style guide, task flows, site map, and majority of the wireframes. Initial development has been underway and I’m currently hoping for a completion of the application around June with user testing and new iterations scheduled for April.