CDC Diabetes Homepage Redesign

March 2018

Project Overview

The Division of Diabetes Translation (DDT) is a branch of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The division employs about 100 personnel in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I was recruited to be the UX design team lead for redesigning the home page and various parts that flow with the DDT content. The team used multiple applications including Sketch, Photoshop, and Microsoft Word to create the wireframes for the design project.

Workflow Overview

When I first became the lead on the project, I began developing wireframes and better usability to ensure I could create the best website for my new company. I knew using Adobe Metrics would help my team better understand which content the users were clicking and how to improve on those attributes to learn how to attain better usage on sections that were not as popular. By managing multiple meetings with the teams, I was able to better understand what they needed and was able to show them what metrics needed updates and improvements.

  • Research/Strategy - Understanding other CDC sites and understand the metrics and interview the stakeholders to understand the content needed for user requirements.
  • Ideation - Attempting to understand the old sitemap and how to improve on it using uncovered metrics.
  • Design - Begin constructing low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes to share progress with stockholders.
  • Development - –Run meetings with the development team to test if the modules used are responsive and have the best usability.
  • User Research - I received user feedback from both the stakeholders and users by conducting card sorts and seeing the metrics of use.
  • Post Launch - We are still underway with a hopeful completion before June.

Content Overview

At the CDC we use a template that utilizes Bootstrap3 modules and components. The biggest issue they faced before my services were the previous versions’ site responsiveness. The stakeholders wanted to ensure that the users are able to operate the new homepage from their mobile and tablet devices. So when I started to create wireframes in Sketch I ensured I was using a template with the Bootstrap3 grid to help keep all content in the correct columns and confirm developers know how the content would be laid out.

Content and usability was very important and using the card sorts and adobe metrics has really helped us understand what users were utilizing the site for. Also conducting stakeholder interviews and user interviews really shined a light on what this landing page was intended to do. The homepage is a perfect hub that helps users get to different pages, giving them the information they are searching for. Being able to present those on the homepage as easily as possible without causing clutter was my main focus. My aim was to make certain my design is appealing but also contain the right content with a simple and friendly usability.

The Results

The results thus far have simplified the homepage to create a more usable and content-driven homepage that helps users easily locate what they are searching.

My team and I have started to really push and create multiple designs to send to the stakeholders to gauge their feedback and how to improve on those modules. Since my initiation with the company, we have created over 10 prototypes to present our stakeholders with, ensuring their happiness on our homepage improvements. With continuous effort, I always strive to make sure my team and I are working together to respond and adhere to stakeholders needs, while also provide a functioning and easy to use website that performs at its highest ability.