Ahoy Email Campiagn Redesign

January 2017

Project Overview

Longstreet Solutions is the creator of customer-retention focused marketing products and services, most notably Intelligent Email. Longstreet Labs was built out of need for developers who evaluated products not just by lines of code, but also by marketing strategies, customer personas, and user experiences. I was sought out by Longstreet Solutions to update and redesign their new intelligent-email campaign application.

Workflow Overview

I was challenged to develop wireframes and prototypes to support design updates for a user-friendly application and simple design. My clients hoped for a similar service to Mail Chimp where they could offer their consumers a competitive and easy-to-use application.

My workflow consisted of staying on track with user research conducted by Longstreet’s in-house UX designer, developing low and high fidelity wireframes for usability and design, while also prototyping the wireframes to show the stakeholders and developers how the design and flows would bring success.

  • Research/Strategy - Understanding user requirements by reading all the documentation the in-house UX designer created. Also meet with stakeholders regularly to ensure all requirements designs were being completed.
  • Ideation - Developing the architecture with task flows and a sitemap for the application.
  • Design - Begin constructing low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes and sharing all different stages with clients.
  • Development - Reviewing wireframes with the development team and providing detailed feedback to questions or comments from clients.
  • User Research - Receiving user feedback from clients and their users while going through stages of my prototype.
  • Post Launch - Since I was only hired for the creation of the application as an independent contractor, I am unaware of the success of the campaign today.

Content Overview

After my initial hiring, I was given a large file that included case studies of user research that was crucial to understanding the needs of my stakeholders and their clients. Older wireframes were laid out and the stakeholders and I would hold meetings to discuss the updates and improvements they were longing for. I offered suggestions and recommendations on what could be improved. After coming to an agreement on what items needing a wireframe, I created a mock-up of items by sketching designs in my journal. Sketching is an important step of my workflow because I am able to create multiple designs by hand in a short amount of time, allowing me to have ideas prepared before going into Sketch and creating the wireframes.

After completing the wireframes I would hold multiple meeting per week to review designs and usability with the stakeholders, prompting feedback and thoughts on the progress before moving forward. I developed numerous designs that continued to change and improve before settling on the perfect module. By using the Invision Appl, I was able to create a version that was very realistic while being able to get adequate feedback from the delivery.

The Results

After completing the wireframe, I passed on my designs to the team of developers who worked with me on making sure my flow and process was understood. While providing my services, I created a full set of wireframes, prototypes, and updated user research to assist the developers in creating the email campaign the stakeholders needed for success. Working at Longstreet Solutions was enjoyable despite the short amount of time I worked with the incredible team.